Impaqt Robotics


At Impaqt Robotics, we are shaping the future of robotics, with innovation and impact at the core. Based out of India, Impaqt Robotics specializes in designing and developing cutting-edge products that streamline deployment of collaborative robots & industrial robots. The vision is to make a positive impact on every robot user's experience. We achieve this by providing innovative products that accelerate robot deployment, alleviating the challenges and complexities users often face. pneumagiQ: Our product line 'pneumagiQ' is the first of it's kind UR+ approved product, which allows 'plug & play' integration to any cobot from Universal Robots. A brand agnostic platform, pneumagiQ makes mounting any pneumatic grippers from any manufacturer now 'plug & play'. pneumagiQ has been recognized for it's product design and is a recipient of multiple awards including the highly esteemed Red Dot Product Design Award, Red Dot Innovative Product Award & Core77.

Products from Impaqt Robotics