Industrial Vision Systems Ltd (IVS®) is a global provider of vision systems, machine vision and automated inspection machinery. Our non-contact vision systems and machines are used in all areas of production across a diverse range of industry sectors. Our mission is to make companies more efficient, highly flexible and quicker with our machine vision solutions. We know that working in partnership with our customers achieves the best results. By listening to our clients and working together, we communicate on equal terms – building trust and going the extra mile to develop the ideal solution. Since our foundation in 2000, we have grown to become one of Europe’s leading companies for the supply and support of vision inspection machines, machine vision products, special purpose vision machines, smart camera systems and peripheral vision equipment. We export to countries around the world, providing both large and small manufacturing companies across the globe with leading vision technology. With an ongoing focus on innovation and research & development, we continue to develop and broaden the range of our technology portfolio.

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