Like all precision machinery, sewing machines depend upon precision parts. Back in 1984 our engineers wanted to produce dependable sewing machine parts in house, where we could better monitor production and improve part quality. One machine we developed for this task was our first servo press, the JP-20. Clean and quiet, the DC servomotor-driven electric press soon became essential equipment for manufacturing sewing machine motors and other precision parts. In 1986, we improved upon our original design, releasing the JP1 Series lightweight servo press. The JP1 Series combined the DC servomotor with a microcomputer allowing the user to select various precision machining parameters for even greater process dependability. We soon found customers who wanted our precision servo presses for their own fine processes, marking the start of Janome Industrial Equipment. In 1993, we adapted the precision Cartesian (XYZ) movement utilized by our embroidery sewing machines to develop and market our first desktop robot, the JR500. Together with servo presses, desktop robots form the backbone of Janome’s powerful industrial equipment lineup and are utilized by satisfied customers world-wide for a wide range of industrial applications.

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