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Micropsi Industries’ AI-based vision system, MIRAI, makes it possible to automate tasks otherwise considered too complex to automate. Thanks to MIRAI, robots learn how to robustly react to unpredictable factory conditions, handling variance in position, shape, colour, lighting, and background. MIRAI generates real-time robot movements and consequently offers higher reliability and precision than traditional measure-and-execute vision systems. No calibration and measurement are required (no CAD files required). Not only that, MIRAI is more flexible than traditional solutions. MIRAI-guided robots can be trained and retrained for various tasks. Benefits of MIRAI: 01 – Automation Independence: Solve automation problems on your own. Little integration is needed. No knowledge of AI is required. 02 – Competitive Edge: Bring state-of-the-art AI technology into your factory. 03 – Increase Productivity: Boost productivity and gain business resilience by finally automating tasks previously considered too complex. 04 - Application Flexibility: MIRAI-equipped robots can be trained and retrained for various tasks. 05 - Customised Support: Our engineers can help you deploy an automation solution and keep it live.

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