Smooth Robotics


Founded in 2017, we have our roots in Odense, Northern Europe’s largest high-tech hub and the home of Denmark’s cluster for robotics, automation and drones – of which we are an active member. Denmark’s robot cluster was built on the legacy of Odense Steel Shipyard A/S in the 1980s when the company collaborated with the local university to build robot solutions that could paint and weld. Robotic welding has changed over the decades and we saw an opportunity to develop software to make it as easy as possible for welders to use cobots for automated welding. With SmoothTool, you can put your welding robot to work without the need for complex programming and deliver a flawless result every time. Using the SmoothTool Programming Flange you can use the ‘freedrive’ (freehand) mode to show your robot how you want the job done, making this process a lot easier and faster.

Products from Smooth Robotics