Tradition and innovation for almost 100 years For almost 100 years WEBER, a family-run SME, has aspired to perfection in mechanical engineering and has attracted customers from all over the world with the highest quality and reliability. Innovation, quality and partnership – these words sum up our values, mission statement and form part of our philosophy. Innovation: As a manufacturer of extruder technology, wood and metal grinding machines,3d gantry systems and robotic and automation solutions we at WEBER combine expert knowledge with innovative technologies. We know our target markets inside out and are always undertaking market research so that we can stay on top of the latest trends with new solutions that epitomise efficiency and innovation. Quality: For us quality means not just attracting customers in the short term; it means impressing them again and again. This includes the durability of our products as well as a sustainable approach and reliable services. Partnership: Our focus is always on the customer and we take their requirements into account right from the start of any new development. We rely on long-term partnerships that give rise to customer-specific solutions. This is made possible by close customer contact as well as a vast vertical range of manufacture with in-house development at our Kronach site. All of these factors contribute to a combination of tradition and innovation, along with extruders, sanding machines, 3d gantry systems and our robotic & automation solutions which meet the highest standards of quality, performance and efficiency.

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