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10 - 49 employees

9 Jan 2024

I want to automate my project:

Automated Reject Station: - Automate rejects from molding machines after quality control. - Remove cardboard from a plastic lid. - Discard the cardboard. Required capacity: - 10 lids per hour - 3 shifts: 24 hours production Potential: up to three automated stations.


Budget: TBD



Valencia, Spain

Musical instruments

10 - 49 employees

5 Dec 2023

I want to automate my project:

We have a guitar factory where we produce 600 guitars per month. Currently we already have a CNC machine but no robots. We are looking for a robot arm or CNC machine to automate: 1. Cutting (19 high precision cuts, 0.6mm wide and 2mm deep). This is currently done by an analog CNC machine. We have an inhouse programmer for CNC. If all goes smoothly we have future projects: 2. painting 3. polishing, sanding We would prefer to have 1 robot brand for our multiple projects for more efficient service. It is also important to have service in Spain.

Machining application.

Budget: 50k - 100k €





10 - 49 employees

3 Nov 2023

I want to automate my project:

I have a shipping company. I am looking for a solution that measures item size and weight and sends the data to our system in order to calculate the cost of transportation of my customers' products. Current way of working: - We take the measures with a meter - We measure the weight with an analog scale. - We enter the data manually in our system. I am looking or a solution including: - A 3D camera to measure the dimensions of items - Take pictures and/or videos of the items. - An automatic scale. - Connect the data to my system (directly or through API)

Packaging & Palletizing application.

Budget: Up to 50k €

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You exhibit on trade fairs, and hope that a visitor with the right project will bump into your booth. The traditional methods of waiting for the right project to find you may not be sufficient. Instead of relying on chance, imagine a platform that empowers you to define your project qualifications and preferences upfront.

You get tons of leads, but they don't have a concrete project that falls in your sweet spot. Qviro not only provides quantity but emphasizes quality in the projects you discover. Every lead becomes an opportunity, and our platform is designed to transform these opportunities into meaningful collaborations.

Qviro finds and qualifies automation requests according to your requirements in three steps:

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