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CRB 1300 SWIFTI Pricing

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CRB 1300 SWIFTI Overview

What is CRB 1300 SWIFTI?

The ABB SWIFTI CRB 1300 is an advanced industrial collaborative robot that redefines performance and safety standards in the world of cobots. It is specifically designed for high payload and demanding applications, accommodating payloads ranging from 7kg to 11kg and reaching distances from 0.9m to 1.4m. With this high payload capacity, SWIFTI broadens the range of collaborative applications, excelling in tasks such as palletizing, machine tending, and screwdriving.

Safety is a top priority in the SWIFTI CRB 1300. It goes beyond traditional physical fences by combining ABB's SafeMove safety functionality with plug-and-play FlexPendant add-ins and an external laser scanner. This setup facilitates safe and seamless collaboration between the robot and human workers. An interaction status light provides visual indications of SWIFTI's operational status, enhancing transparency in its interactions.

The SWIFTI CRB 1300 boasts an impressive speed that sets it apart from other cobots. Leveraging ABB's proven industrial performance parameters, it combines class-leading industrial speed with unparalleled collaborative performance. This fusion of speed and productivity ensures optimal efficiency in industrial processes without any compromise.

Notable specifications of the SWIFTI CRB 1300 include its diverse payload and reach variants. It comes in three payload options: 7kg, 10kg, and 11kg, along with a reach range of 0.9m to 1.4m. Additionally, an IP67 variant is available for deployment in dusty and high-moisture environments, expanding its usability across different industrial settings.

Ease of use is another strong suit of the SWIFTI CRB 1300. It comes equipped with pre-installed Wizard easy programming software and intuitive robot movement programming through an external lead-through device. The SafeMove configurator App on the FlexPendant streamlines the safety setup for users.

In terms of safety, SWIFTI CRB 1300 adheres to high standards. It is supervised by SafeMove and safety sensors, allowing it to stop safely before making contact with a human. The robot is safety-certified as category 3, PL d, providing an extra layer of assurance in collaborative environments.

Productivity is taken to the next level with the SWIFTI CRB 1300, featuring a Tool Centre Point speed of 6.2 m/s, making it six times faster than other cobots in its class. Additionally, it offers up to five times higher position repeatability at 0.02mm, ensuring accurate and consistent results in precision tasks. The inclusion of four integrated air supplies enables vacuum picking, further enhancing its versatility.

Powered by ABB's OmniCore™ C30 and C90XT controller, the SWIFTI CRB 1300 boasts best-in-class motion control, delivering exceptional performance in various industrial automation applications. Its compatibility with these advanced controllers makes it an ideal option for seamless integration into existing robotic systems.

What are the specifications of CRB 1300 SWIFTI?

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