BANNER Measuring light curtain SAB series Pricing & Product Details

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Measuring light curtain SAB series Pricing

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Measuring light curtain SAB series Overview

What is Measuring light curtain SAB series?

Sensor Array Bar

Banner Engineering’s SAB Sensor Array Bar features QS18 sensors inside heavy-duty aluminum housing for reliable sensing on heavy-duty packaging lines. The SAB series is ideal for use on conveyors and chutes in the material handling industry.

• One array holds multiple QS18 sensors for reliable sensing and prevents misalignment

• Robust aluminum housing protects array bars from challenging environments

• One M12 connector powers the entire array bar and consolidates all outputs into one

• Polarized retroreflective, long-range diffuse, or standard diffuse array bars are available

• 10 to 30 V dc and -20 °C to 55 °C operating temperature

• IEC rating of IP50

• Solid-state bipolar outputs (NPN and PNP)

• Indicators for power and output status

• 12 gauge steel brackets are available