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Comau AURA distinguishes itself with its exceptional sensitivity levels, mirroring human-like responsiveness. Featuring six safety levels and a modular design, AURA facilitates manual operations with unparalleled safety and proximity, eliminating the need for cumbersome barriers or fences. It caters to various collaborative scenarios seamlessly, offering both collaborative and non-collaborative high-speed modes. Equipped with potent proximity sensors, AURA detects and reacts to operator movements, ensuring collision avoidance and operational safety.

One of AURA's standout features is its robust specifications, boasting a high payload capacity of 170kg and an extensive reach of 2.8 meters. Its advanced collision avoidance system enhances operational safety by effectively preventing collisions, making it suitable for diverse industrial applications. Furthermore, AURA's ability to seamlessly transition between collaborative and non-collaborative modes provides versatility and adaptability in dynamic work environments. Additionally, its unique capability to be mounted upside down expands its potential applications, optimizing space utilization and flexibility in installation setups.

The benefits of employing Comau AURA are manifold. It holds the distinction of being the highest payload and reach collaborative robot available, ensuring optimal performance in demanding industrial settings. Its dynamic management of high-speed mode optimizes efficiency by adapting to varying operational requirements, particularly in scenarios where collaboration is not essential. Moreover, AURA's comprehensive collision avoidance solution, applicable to both the robot and its tools, enhances workplace safety and operational efficiency, even in heavy payload collaborative applications.

What applications is AURA product best for?

  1. Automotive Assembly: Comau Aura facilitates collaborative assembly tasks in automotive manufacturing, including the handling of heavy components like chassis and engines with its 170kg payload capacity.
  2. Appliance Production: With its sensitive and flexible operation, Aura is adept at handling delicate electronic components and precisely assembling appliances such as washing machines and refrigerators.
  3. Logistics and Warehousing: Aura's high-speed collaborative mode makes it ideal for efficient material handling tasks in logistics and warehousing facilities, enhancing productivity while ensuring safety in proximity to human workers.

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