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What is CR10?

Flexible Installation, Quick to Perform

Improve the flexibility of your product line and production efficiency by using an easy to deploy CR collaborative robot within 20 minutes to set up and quickly put into application within 1 hour to perform.

Accessible, Easy to Master

Our software and arithmetic technology makes the operation and management of the CR collaborative robot series intelligent and straightforward. With our software and technology, It can accurately emulate human actions by demonstrating the path with your hands. No programming skills are required.

Expandable, Compatible
CR collaborative robot series is recommended not only because of its extensive portfolio of end of arm tooling but also with universal communication interfaces. Featuring multiple I/O and communication interfaces makes CR collaborative robot series widely expandable and compatible with many end of arm tooling. As a result, CR collaborative robots satisfy a wide range of needs and can be used in various application scenarios.

Investment Security, Super Reliable
Lower operating cost. CR collaborative robot series is made solid and durable to ensure a long life span of 32000 hours of service life, and it has tight tolerances over time. Thus, ensures the security of investment and higher ROI.

What are the specifications of CR10?

Payload 10 kg
Reach 1525 mm

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