The H2515 is part of Doosan's H-SERIES, which boasts the most powerful cobot in the market. It offers an impressive 1,700 mm reach and can handle up to 25 kg payload, which is the heaviest payload among currently available cobots in the market. Despite its high-power capabilities, the H2515 weighs only 75 kg, which is half the weight of other comparable robots with the same payload.

The H2515 is equipped with six torque sensors on all six axes, ensuring maximum dexterity and flexibility required in a variety of applications. The sensors also provide the utmost safety in any kind of application, making it an ideal option for heavy-duty customers who require the highest level of safety and force control.

This cobot is particularly suitable for logistics and automotive industries, where handling heavy loads is a necessity. The H2515's exceptional payload capacity allows it to handle various tasks, from lifting and moving materials to assembly and packaging. The cobot's compact size and advanced sensors enable it to work efficiently in tight spaces, making it a versatile option for a wide range of industrial automation applications.

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