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EasyDesk Pricing

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EasyDesk Overview

What is EasyDesk?

EasyDesk is a universal robot workstation, a spacious and yet compact platform with 3 different tabletops. Suitable for 99% of modern collaborative robots, the workstation aims to help manufactures increase production, automate process, improve profitability, and reduce wages.

A cost-effective application that, in combination with a robot from Universal Robots, sets new standards in the field of precision machining. Equipped with special software and the help of URCaps, setup times as well as machining times can be greatly reduced.

The ProFeeder Table simplifies your entry into the world of robot automation. The cell is optionally equipped with a latest-generation Universal Robots robot. This facilitates programming and protects the operator with its collaborative features. Therefore, it is ideal for the first steps with a robot application.


The EasyDesk is available in 3 different variations.

EasyDesk Tray
: A large storage tray enables the robot to insert workpieces into machines or to deposit and sort parts. In this way, the EasyDesk not only increases machine efficiency, but also reduces downtime and monotonous work process.

EasyDesk Tray is designed for CNC machine tending, but also can be used for the following:

• Polishing

• Welding

• Bin picking

• Assembly

• Measurement

EasyDesk Welding
: The EasyDesk welding surface is optimally designed for automated welding of components. The robot welding workstation with plasma nitride steel tabletop with laser cut 16mm holes, suitable for clamps and fixtures.

EasyDesk Alu
: The smooth surface of the EasyDesk Alu offers many possibilities for handling tasks such as screwdriving or grinding process but also in the area of quality control and human-robot collaboration. The spacious cobot table for mounting of all types of clamping equipment or parts for processing.

EasyDesk Alu can be used for the following applications:

• Cutting

• Finishing and polishing

• Deburring

• Grinding

• Quality control

EasyDesk platform is a user-friendly workstation series compatible with 99% of modern collaborative robots, all CNC machines, and any type of conveyor belt. It is carefully designed to simplify the automation process and speed up a wide range of production applications.

The setup is easy because the product is delivered 90% assembled. All you need is to mount the cobot, install the controller and start producing.

Flexibility: The EasyDesk’s surfaces enable quick and uncomplicated change of activity without major changeover effort.

Mobility: With a lift truck, the EasyDesk can be moved from activity to activity in a mobile manner while still providing a secure footing.

Versatile: The robot arm mount can be attached on 3 sides. Together with a 45° angle that can be mounted on the bracket as required, the EasyDesk not only offers maximum reach utilization but also a solution for countless applications.

What are the specifications of EasyDesk?

  • Cobot- Platforms
  • Linear axes
  • Protective covers
  • Feeders
  • Energy chain kit