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ProFeeder Compact XL Pricing

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ProFeeder Compact XL Overview

What is ProFeeder Compact XL?

The ProFeeder Compact XL is a perfect solution for production of bigger series and automation of machine tending process. It is compatible with 99% of modern collaborative robots and has a robust design. The ProFeeder Compact XL is a spacious but compact robot-cell movable around production areas. It is very versatile and can be used in collaboration with any other EasyRobotics products.

The ProFeeder Compact XL platform is self-sufficient and convenient. Thanks to the built-in platform for attaching the cobot, the ProFeeder Compact XL allows you to automate the process of supplying parts, speed up production and increase the volume of products.


Compact XL does not have a robot mount, therefore, you need to use it along side the pedestal (EasyPedestal) or multifunctional robotic cells (ProFeeder or ProFeeder X), where the robot can be mounted.

This robot-cell has a hight capacity so can be placed next to CNC machines to increase autonomy and productivity.

ProFeeder Compact XL has 5 spacious trays 780 X 620 mm, that can be used with details up to 160 mm in height, working with Airlock or Mechlock locking system. It is safe and easy to maintain by the operator.

Capacious solution- It contains 5 big trays 780X620 mm that can be used with details with maximum height up to 160 mm

100% compatibility- Compatible with all collaborative robots, pedestals, CNC machines and conveyors.

Two locking system- ProFeeder Compact XL is available with either Airlock or Mechlock locking system

Spacious but compact- The sizes of the robot cell are H: 1165 mm, W: 1220 mm, L: 920 mm

Suitable for mass production- The Product is made working with bigger series

Professional automation- ProFeeder Compact XL is designed to decrees cycle time and increase the speed of production by proper detail storage organisation.

What are the specifications of ProFeeder Compact XL?

  • Cobot- Platforms
  • Linear axes
  • Protective covers
  • Feeders
  • Energy chain kit