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ProFeeder Light Pricing

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ProFeeder Light Overview

What is ProFeeder Light?

The ProFeeder Light robot cell consists of a basic module with 1 flexible manual removable parts tray designed for handling all types or parts. With the fixed storage, the ProFeeder Light palletisation robot from EasyRobotics is ideally suited for automated process of small series.

  • Increase production
  • Fast return on investment
  • Quick series changes
  • Increased efficiency
  • Ideal for a vast number of applications


EasyRobotics ProFeeder Light can be used in countless different industries adding value to their automation. These industries include:

Metal and machining
Food industries (option for stainless steel)

The ProFeeder Light is best suited to tasks that require rapid or supplementary order completion. It is most often used in small-scale production environments to make high-low volume processes more efficient. The system supports manual change of tray parts with a return on investment within 6 to 8 months.

The system is highly efficient and can be used when production needs additional time. Like other ProFeeders the ProFeeder Light is made up of powder coated steel that contributes it being more durable and steadier. It is ideal for the following applications:

Machine tending
Bin picking

Automated helper- The ProFeeder light is perfect for the automation of smaller series. In addition, it can be reloaded in the shortest possible time to process larger series also.

Fast changeover- The combination with grippers from OnRobot makes it possible to drastically reduce changeover times. The gripper connect via quick charger and the robot automatically recognises which grippers it is.

ER+ – The robot cell is supplied with ER+ palletising software. It only requires the dimensions of the workpiece and quick calibration of the deposit tray and generates a palletising function without long programming. Which saves time and increases productivity.

Mobile from machine to machine- Optional heavy-duty wheels make the cell mobile making it accessible for use on different machines. This additionally requires a docking station and suitable machine interface.

What are the specifications of ProFeeder Light?

  • Cobot- Platforms
  • Linear axes
  • Protective covers
  • Feeders
  • Energy chain kit