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What is P-ROB 3-48V?

A unique feature of the P-Rob 3 is the outer cover made of padded, soft artificial leather. In combination with collision detection, the P-Rob 3 is an excellent choice for collaborative applications.

The P-Rob 3 can be controlled using a number of interfaces. Our self-developed software myp offers an intuitive GUI and a flexible

Python-based scripting environment. The ROS and TCP interfaces offer full flexibility and easy integration into other systems.

An interactive ring provides configurable multifunction buttons for easy handling of the robot.

What applications is P-ROB 3-48V product best for?

The P-Rob 3 can be used for a variety of tasks, including:

- Packaging tasks

- Research in human-robot interaction

- Education of engineers

- Robot arm for testing processes

- Production line tasks

What are the specifications of P-ROB 3-48V?

Payload 5 kg
Reach 775 mm

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