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What is CR-14iA/L?

Hi, my name is CR-14iA/L. I'm a special collaborative robot from FANUC that merges the features from my big brother CR-15iA and my smaller brother CR-7iA. I was developed to work safely and efficiently. Thanks to the combination of my reach, payload, and size, I can be used in many fields of applications like loading and unloading machines and other factory automation tasks. I can support you where the space is too tight to use one of my big brothers, but heavy payload and a large reach is however needed. My features and benefits can be used straightforward due to easy programming and thanks to hand guidance for teaching and handling. Despite my green exterior, I operate like any industrial FANUC robot and I am able to reliably repeat the same movement multiple times with a repeatability of ± 0.01 mm.

What are the specifications of CR-14iA/L?

Payload 14 kg
Reach 911 mm

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