FANUC CRX-5iA Pricing & Product Details

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CRX-5iA Overview

What is CRX-5iA?

The perfect solution for manufacturers with little to no robotic experience, the CRX series of collaborative robots offers an all-new FANUC programming interface with simple drag and drop technology on a touchscreen pendant. The ease of programming paired with FANUC’s world-renowned technology, proven reliability, and sensitive contact detection allows the CRX Cobots to work safely alongside people in a variety of industrial and manufacturing jobs.

Safe, easy-to-use, reliable, and a versatile solution for a wide range of applications, including inspection, machine load/unload, packing, palletizing, sanding, welding, and more. The CRX Cobots can detect external forces in the workspace, stopping safely when making contact with a person or object. This technology allows the CRX to work safely alongside people without the need for expensive guarding.

What applications is CRX-5iA product best for?

Because of its very low weight, the CRX can be easily installed in a broad range of applications such as automated guided vehicles (AGV).

What are the specifications of CRX-5iA?

Payload 5 kg
Reach 994 mm