FESTO Electric linear axis EGC Pricing & Product Details

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Electric linear axis EGC Pricing

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Electric linear axis EGC Overview

What is Electric linear axis EGC?

Dynamic and fast with improved rigidity – as a toothed belt drive, spindle drive or guide axis
*With new safety elements for creating a safety-related handling axis

Toothed belt axis EGC-TB / EGC-HD-TB

  • For high speeds and dynamic movements together with heavy loads and long strokes
  • Optionally with second slide for higher loads and torques

Spindle axis EGC-BS / EGC-HD-BS

  • For precise and smooth operation together with high loads and long strokes

Optional safety features

  • Position sensing with inductive proximity sensor SIES-8M, flush-fitting assembly in profile slot
  • Incremental displacement encoder for safety-related 2-channel solutions or for increased positioning accuracy of the toothed belt axis
  • Clamping unit for clamping the slide in safety-related applications

Features of the heavy-duty variant HD

  • Very high load-bearing capacity laterally to axis Mx with factor of 2 compared to standard axis
  • Load closer to the double guide: smaller lever arms for highest torques and large maximum load


Driveless linear guide axis EGC-FA

  • Freely movable slide
  • To increase force and torque capacity

What are the specifications of Electric linear axis EGC?

  • Cobot- Platforms
  • Linear axes
  • Protective covers
  • Feeders
  • Energy chain kit