Fiessler Safety Light curtains BLCT Pricing & Product Details

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Safety Light curtains BLCT Pricing

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Safety Light curtains BLCT Overview

What is Safety Light curtains BLCT?


Integrated control-unit with contactor control and restart can be programmed without a PC

Contactor/valves directly connectablly, switching capacity 0,5A/24V

Smallest safety distances by short response times 4 ms to 29 ms, depending of the protection high

Finger and hand protection with up to 5m protective width(resolution 14 mm and 30 mm)

Protection heights from 100mm to 1500 mm in steps of 100 mm

Microcontroller monitoring of the safety functions (self-monitored)

Semiconductor outputs with short-circuit and crossconnection monitoring

Integrated self-diagnosis with a fault indication by 7-digit display

Optional safety switchgears permit muting and clocked operation

Direct connection via M12 connector

Compact design 25 x 35 mm w/ flexible fastening by tenon blocks and protection category IP 65

What applications is Safety Light curtains BLCT product best for?

Areas of application:

Presses for metal, wood, plastic, rubber, leather and glass

Filter presses

Chamfering and bending machines

Injection moulding machines

Machining centres and welding presses

Automatic placement machines


Palleting machines