Fiessler Type 2 safety light curtain TLCT series Pricing & Product Details

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Type 2 safety light curtain TLCT series Pricing

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Type 2 safety light curtain TLCT series Overview

What is Type 2 safety light curtain TLCT series?

TLCT/ILCT safety light curtains each comprise two components:

Light transmitter and light receiver.

The clearance between these two components and the installation height determine the width and height of the protective field (Figure 5/1). Modular design permits realization of protective field heights ranging from 100 mm to 1500 mm in 100-mm steps.

The transmitter generates infrared light beams in rapid pulses. These parallel light beams are analyzed by two single-chip controllers in the transmitter.

The beam spacing determines the resolution. If an object enters the protective field, i.e. if at least one light beam is interrupted, the receiver's two outputs stop the machine or prevent it from starting, thus avoiding hazards.

In the restart with interlock operating mode, the machine can only be restarted by means of the start button once the protective field has been cleared again.