Fiessler Type 2 safety light curtain TLVT series Pricing & Product Details

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Type 2 safety light curtain TLVT series Pricing

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Type 2 safety light curtain TLVT series Overview

What is Type 2 safety light curtain TLVT series?

The safety light curtains TLVT consist of the two components: transmitter and receiver. The distance between both components and the overall height result in those protection width and - height.

By the modular construction protection heights of 100mm to 1900mm are realizable. Special sizes are also available.

Transmitter and receivers operate synchronously, i.e. at the same point in time only a light beam and a reception item are active. The synchronisation is made by the first light beam and the first reception item. Between transmitter and receivers therefore no electrical connection is necessary.

The transmitter creates infrared light beams, which are switched on and off rapidly successively. The parallel light beams with a distance from 7,5mm are controlled by two a chip micro controllers. A resolution of 14mm is realised by the beam distance.

Synchronously to the light beams of the transmitter in the receiver all reception items are analysed by two a chip micro controllers. If an object is in the protection field, i.e. it is darkened at least one of the beams, the two outputs of the receiver interrupt the dangerous movement of the machine, or prevent a start. A renewed start of the machine is in the operating mode with restart only possible by pressing the start push-button during a free protection field.

Several LED at the receiver display thereby the respective operating condition. The system detects an internal or external error the machine is immediately switched off and the LED in the transmitter or in the receiver shows by flashing the error status.