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CobotWagen Kassow Edition Overview

What is CobotWagen Kassow Edition?

The CobotWagen Kassow Edition is the ideal basis for a mobile collaborative robot solution. With the CobotWagen, a cobot can be easily moved from station to station and quickly repurposed for new tasks. For the robot, the CobotWagen Kassow Edition comes with one of the latest 7-axis cobots from Kassow Robots.

Available with the KR810, K1018, KR1205, KR1410, and KR1805 from Kassow Robots.

The right cobot for the job

The CobotWagen Kassow Edition comes with a Kassow cobot of your choice. From the small KR810 to the KR1805 with its long reach to the KR1018 with its impressive payload capacity - for almost all use cases, there's a Kassow cobot.

An all-in-one solution

The CobotWagen Kassow Edition is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a robust, mobile cobot workstation. Based on Kassow Robots' unique 7-axis collaborative robots, the CobotWagen Kassow Edition offers tremendous capabilities in a compact mobile solution.

If you can't bring the work to the cobot, you bring the cobot to the work. The CobotWagen from ibk gives cobots wheels. With the CobotWagen Kassow Edition, your Kassow cobot can be easily and safely moved from one work station to another, without minimal hassle.

What are the specifications of CobotWagen Kassow Edition?

  • Feeders
  • Cobot Tracks
  • Cobot- Platforms
  • Energy chain kit
  • Protective covers
  • Safety and certification

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