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Strong and fast industrial cobot with a reach of 850 mm and a payload of 10 kg. Simple programming thanks to our special intuitive Kassow user interface.

What are the specifications of KR810?

Payload 10 kg
Reach 850 mm

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Valentin Hendrik


Nov 8, 2022

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  • 2022
With this robot, only a demo installation was made for a trade show. Parts from a pile were to be detected and picked with a vision system. The connection to the vision system was realized via MODBUS. In addition, parts were to be gripped and presented. An installation into a real application was not done.
The construction of the robot is really simple. The teach panel was really nicely realized with an Android tablet. This allowed both programming via drag & drop and generally a very simple and colorful operation. The tablet also responded very well to contact compared to teach panels from other manufacturers. The robot was also very quiet, only the controller caused a louder perceptible noise due to the fans, which was absolutely to be expected. The robot could be moved freely with the other hand either on the teach panel or directly on the robot arm by holding a dead man's button. This really makes it fun to use! The support from Kassow was outstanding and needs to be mentioned! I also liked the CBun applications (similar like the URCaps).
Unfortunately, the Ethernet port on the outside is very awkwardly placed; a different arrangement on the controller's case should be considered here. Furthermore, a Profinet interface would have been really good, after all Profinet is standard in the industry. When moving the robot on the tablet via the "Robot Online" menu, the robot still moved when the button was released. This should not happen at all! In addition, one should think about the design of the tablets back, it was not as nice and intuitive to hold in the hand as for example with a UR. A software solution should perhaps be found to turn the device off, or it should be made more intuitive, since turning it off on the controller itself by flipping the power switch is not really standard.

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