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Gen3 Lite Overview

What is Gen3 Lite?

The Kinova Gen3 Lite is the newest and most compact member of the Kinova ultra-lightweight robot series, offering a cost-efficient option for professional-grade robotic arms to perform light manipulation tasks. It is particularly well-suited for professional academic-level education needs.

One of the standout features of the Gen3 Lite is its ultra-lightweight design, making it highly portable and power-efficient. This characteristic makes it an ideal choice for mobile applications, where agility and efficiency are essential.

The Gen3 Lite runs on the powerful and robust Kinova® Kortex™ API software, enabling seamless programming sharing and collaboration with other Gen3 Lite or Gen3 units. This compatibility with the Kortex API software enhances its versatility and opens up possibilities for coordinated tasks in various robotic setups.

This compact professional robot sets a new standard in adaptability, catering to users of all expertise levels. Whether you require simple grasping tasks or more complex manipulation applications in MATLAB, ROS 2, C++, or Python, the Gen3 Lite can be easily programmed and controlled.

The robot's actuators feature embedded controllers, which offer efficient and transparent operation. It also provides both high-level and low-level control, allowing for precision in various applications. The Gen3 Lite's low-level closed-loop control operates at 1 kHz, ensuring smooth and accurate movements.

Setting up the Gen3 Lite is hassle-free, taking less than 10 minutes to get started. It offers simple connectivity options through USB, Ethernet, and RNDIS (Remote Network Driver Interface Specification). Moreover, users can connect to the Kinova Web App from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device, streamlining the programming and control process.

In addition to its key features, the Gen3 Lite includes lesser-known specifications that make it an attractive option for industrial automation. For instance, it has a high tolerance for extreme temperatures, allowing it to function reliably in challenging environmental conditions. This resilience makes it suitable for a broader range of applications, particularly in industries with varying temperature demands.

What are the specifications of Gen3 Lite?

Payload 0.5 kg
Reach 760 mm

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Thomas Nowak

AAU University

Apr 14, 2022

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  • 2022
Easy and straightfoward
The documentation is very good and it is very straight forward to get started.
Programming skillls are needed if the robot should do something more advanced than basic movement (either C++ or phyton). It is however not a problem to implement if you have basic programming experience.

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Kinova® Gen3 lite Robot for research, industry applications and education

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