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NANO Overview

What is NANO?

01 Extremely high precision, fast scanning speed, outstanding image quality

Mech-Eye Nano of 0.1 mm @ 0.5 m precision delivers precise, complete, and detailed high-quality point cloud data of various typical workpieces of centimeter and millimeter sizes. It can well deal with complicated scenarios like dark colors/light absorption, reflection, and sophisticated structure. With high-speed structured light technology, Mech-Eye Nano spends 0.6s on photographing and obtaining 3D data altogether, which in all respects satisfies the needs in typical application scenarios.

02 Robust ambient light resistance performance

Mech-Eye Nano delivers robust ambient light resistance performance, generating high-quality 3D data of complete structure, rich details, and sharp outlines of various typical workpieces in the ambient light of >60000 lx (typical sunlight illumination in manufacturing plants in summer). It's highly suitable for industries such as automotive and semi-conductor where ambient light is crucial. (working environment such as outdoor, semi-outdoor, and by the window).

03 Ultra-small sized, light weight, suitable for all high-precision work requirements

Mech-Eye Nano is small-sized (only 145*51*85 mm) and lightweight (0.7kg), compatible with mechanic arms(including collaborative robots, hybrid robots, etc.).

It's also highly flexible, easily working in cramped spaces(such as drawers, bins, and so on); now, it has been widely used in meticulous process scenarios like positioning assembly and high precision picking.

04 Industrial grade, rising to the real-world challenges

Mech-Eye Nano industrial 3D camera is made of aviation aluminum alloy. The fully sealed shell is smaller and lighter while ensuring high strength and rigidity. It is with an IP65 rating as well as scores of international certifications such as CE, FCC, VCCI, and RoHS, working stably in hostile environments where dust, vibration, moisture, and electromagnetic interference are inevitable.

05 Easy to use, quick to deploy

Mech-Eye Nano offers multi-language SDKs for popular platforms with a code-free interface to deploy. It can integrate with Mech-Vision graphical machine vision software and Mech-Viz robot intelligent programming environment for easy deployment of various intelligent robot applications.

06 High-cost performance

Mech-Eye Nano remains cost-efficient with further improved performance. Quick and easy to use at a competitive price.