Top 10 MiR250 Alternatives

  • Botshare Retail Fulfilment AMR
  • OMRON LD-60/90
  • Mobile Industrial Robots Hook 250
  • OMRON LD-250
  • Megvii Customized AMR
  • Mobile Industrial Robots MiR1350
  • Linde Material Handling C-MATIC
  • Megvii MegBot-T Series
  • KUKA KMP 600-S diffDrive
  • Megvii MegBot-S Series
  • Wellwit Robotics Under Drive Lifting Robot W1000QR
Botshare Retail Fulfilment AMR
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Botshare's Retail Fulfilment AMR redefines retail fulfillment with its autonomous navigation and adaptable capabilities.

The AMR autonomously navigates, reducing errors, boosting efficiency, accuracy, and speed in warehouses. Its integration versatility enables customization for picking, replenishing, and transporting goods. It adapts to evolving warehouse layouts without additional programming.

Seamless collaboration with workers sets the AMR apart, alternating between picking and restocking. It optimizes productivity, focusing on high-value tasks while handling routine ones. Safety features ensure secure human-robot collaboration.

Unique specifications include a high 500kg payload capacity for large goods and extreme temperature tolerance. Compatibility with various software systems streamlines integration. The AMR's efficiency, adaptability, and specialized features make it an invaluable tool for retail fulfillment optimization.

OMRON LD-60/90
3.4/5 (2)

The OMRON LD-60/90 mobile robot stands as a transformative solution for boosting productivity in manufacturing and logistics. Its key benefits include heightened throughput, error elimination, improved traceability, and enabling employees to focus on complex tasks. Unlike traditional AGVs, OMRON's robots navigate through natural features, sidestepping costly facility modifications.

This Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) thrives in challenging environments. Its agility in confined spaces and dynamic settings positions it as a versatile choice across industries. Installation is hassle-free and programming minimal, thanks to OMRON's integration-friendly software. This adaptability enables businesses to seamlessly integrate the robot without disrupting daily operations.

The subscription model lowers initial costs and ensures ongoing enhancements. After a brief facility tour, the robot maps out the floor plan and sets pick-up/drop-off goals. The intuitive operation via a tablet and integration with systems like MES and WMS streamline immediate robot deployment. In summary, the OMRON LD-60/90 mobile robot revolutionizes operational efficiency in manufacturing and logistics, offering self-navigation, user-friendly integration, and a cost-effective subscription model.

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Mobile Industrial Robots Hook 250
3.7/5 (1)

The Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) Hook 250 is an advanced mobile robot solution designed for optimizing internal transportation tasks across various industries, such as production facilities, logistics centers, and healthcare environments. It stands out with its automated pick-up and towing capability, replacing manual cart transportation and reducing the need for manual labor.

A key feature of the MiR Hook 250 is its patented extended-payload design, enabling it to handle heavy carts and significantly increase its payload capacity compared to other mobile robots. This design enhances operational efficiency by allowing the robot to transport larger loads, reducing the number of trips required for transportation tasks.

The MiR Hook 250 is user-friendly, featuring an intuitive interface and easy programming capabilities that require minimal training. Its enhanced speed and agility, aided by advanced software, enable precise navigation through complex environments, optimizing transportation routes and avoiding obstacles. Moreover, the robot's resilience to extreme temperatures and compatibility with various software systems make it a versatile solution adaptable to demanding industrial settings, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

4/5 (1)
Payload 250kg

The OMRON LD-250 stands out as a powerful and autonomous mobile robot tailored for material handling and logistics tasks. With a robust 250 kg payload capacity, it extends the LD series' capabilities. The Fleet Manager system enables centralized control of multiple robots with varying payloads, enhancing operational flexibility and efficiency in autonomous material transport.

Built on the foundation of the proven LD-90 technology, the LD-250 guarantees reliability in material handling operations. An exceptional feature is its upgradability, allowing integration into a Cart Transporter version to double its payload capacity to 500 kg.

OMRON's subscription model offers cost-effective solutions with ongoing upgrades, complemented by a track record of successful implementations and a knowledgeable sales team. With easy map customization, goal setting, and seamless integration with various systems, the LD-250's user-friendly tablet interface and compatibility make it an ideal choice for material handling and logistics operations, demonstrating OMRON's commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Megvii Customized AMR
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Megvii's Customized AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) is a tailor-made solution that leverages the power of artificial intelligence and robotic technology to meet the specific needs of businesses across various industries. With the ability to integrate with various sensors, cameras, and other technologies, the customized AMR can navigate through complex environments and perform tasks with ease, accuracy, and speed.

The customized AMR is designed to automate various tasks such as material handling, transportation, and picking and packing, among others, while also ensuring worker safety. Its advanced obstacle detection and avoidance system can help to prevent collisions and ensure safe movement in dynamic environments.

One of the key features of the customized AMR is its flexibility and scalability, which allows businesses to easily adapt to changing needs and requirements. It can be customized to fit different sizes, shapes, and payloads, and can operate in a variety of environments, including warehouses, factories, and hospitals.

The customized AMR also comes equipped with powerful data analytics and monitoring capabilities, allowing businesses to track performance metrics, optimize workflows, and make data-driven decisions. With real-time data insights, businesses can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Overall, Megvii's Customized AMR is a cutting-edge solution that provides businesses with a flexible, scalable, and reliable solution to optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition. With its advanced technology and powerful capabilities, it is poised to revolutionize the way businesses operate and improve their bottom line.

Mobile Industrial Robots MiR1350
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AMR | Payload 1350kg | Product mass 247kg

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) is a leading manufacturer of collaborative autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for industrial applications. The MiR1350 is their most powerful AMR to date. With a payload capacity of 1350 kg and a towing capacity of up to 6,000 kg, the MiR1350 is designed to handle even the heaviest loads.

The MiR1350 has been designed with safety in mind. It is compliant with the highest available robot standards, including EN ISO 13849-1, which specifies safety requirements and guidance for the design and integration of safety-related control systems in machinery. The robot also comes with a range of advanced safety features, such as 3D cameras, laser scanners, and sensors that allow it to detect and avoid obstacles in its path.

The MiR1350 can be customized to suit a wide range of industrial applications. It can be equipped with various accessories, such as conveyors, lifts, and racks, to suit different material handling needs. It can also be programmed to navigate different environments, including warehouses, factories, and distribution centers, using its advanced mapping and localization technology.

The MiR1350 is incredibly flexible, thanks to its intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to program and operate. It can be integrated with various software systems, including warehouse management systems (WMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, to provide real-time tracking and optimization of material flow. The robot can also be operated in manual mode, allowing operators to take control in situations where they need more flexibility or need to navigate complex obstacles.

In summary, the MiR1350 is the most powerful and versatile AMR from MiR. It is compliant with the highest robot standards and comes with advanced safety features, making it safe to operate in any environment. With its customizable accessories, flexible programming, and advanced software integration capabilities, the MiR1350 is a valuable addition to any industrial operation that requires heavy-duty material handling capabilities.

Linde Material Handling C-MATIC
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AMR | Payload 600-1500 kg

The Linde Material Handling C-MATIC is a state-of-the-art autonomous truck that guarantees maximum safety, handling efficiency, and serviceability. Its safety features include a laser scanner that detects moving or stationary obstacles in real-time, allowing the truck to adjust its speed or remain stationary until the obstruction is cleared. Additionally, the C-MATIC is equipped with a robust all-round collision protection system and emergency stop switches on all four sides. These safety features ensure the highest possible levels of safety for people and trucks.

The C-MATIC uses QR codes affixed to the hall floor along transport routes to navigate, with each QR code having a unique ID and saved as reference points on a digital map. The software calculates the optimal route for each transport order, allowing the truck to efficiently and autonomously handle material flow. The trolleys are also equipped with QR codes, which makes it possible to identify the goods to be transported, assign storage locations, and position the load carrier. The C-MATIC's optional autonomous charging station allows for automated charging of batteries, ensuring the truck is always fully charged and ready for use.

The C-MATIC’s robust technology ensures reduced service and lifecycle costs, with long maintenance intervals and easily accessible main components that allow for efficient maintenance work. This design-to-service principle also contributes to the truck’s high operational availability, while all the truck data can be read out via a cable connection for fault analysis. In summary, the Linde Material Handling C-MATIC is a reliable and efficient autonomous truck that maximizes safety, handling, and serviceability, making it the ideal solution for material handling in a range of applications.

Megvii MegBot-T Series
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Payload 100kg

Megvii's MegBot-T Series is an advanced line of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that are designed to cater to various industrial and commercial applications. These robots are built with the latest technology and are equipped with advanced features, making them highly efficient and reliable.

One of the key features of the MegBot-T Series is its QR Code Navigation system. The robots are equipped with advanced sensors and cameras that allow them to scan QR codes placed on the floor to navigate their way around a facility or warehouse. This navigation system allows the robots to move autonomously, without the need for any human intervention, which improves efficiency and reduces labor costs.

In addition to its navigation system, the MegBot-T Series also boasts efficient reading capabilities, super error correction, and precise positioning. These features enable the robots to quickly and accurately read data from sensors and other devices, making them ideal for use in factories and other industrial settings where precision and speed are critical. The super error correction system ensures that the robots can continue to function even in environments with high levels of electromagnetic interference or other sources of signal degradation.

The precise positioning system on the MegBot-T Series robots ensures that they can move with great accuracy and precision. This system is particularly useful in applications where the robots need to navigate through narrow spaces or around obstacles. With the precise positioning system, the robots can move with confidence and avoid collisions, improving safety and reducing the risk of damage to equipment and other assets.

In conclusion, the Megvii MegBot-T Series is a powerful line of autonomous mobile robots that boasts advanced features, including QR Code Navigation, efficient reading, super error correction, and precise positioning. These features make the MegBot-T Series robots ideal for a range of industrial and commercial applications, from logistics and warehousing to manufacturing and more.

KUKA KMP 600-S diffDrive
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KUKA's KMP 600-S diffDrive is an omnidirectional mobile platform that can be used as a mobile robot or as a mobile manipulation system. It is designed to be highly mobile and agile, enabling it to navigate through narrow spaces and around obstacles with ease. The robot is equipped with four omnidirectional wheels that enable it to move in any direction, making it highly versatile and flexible in its movements.

The KMP 600-S diffDrive is a highly modular system that can be customized to meet the specific needs of various applications. It can be equipped with a range of sensors, cameras, and manipulators, enabling it to perform a range of tasks, including inspection, surveillance, logistics, and assembly. The robot's advanced control system ensures high accuracy and precision in its movements, making it ideal for use in applications that require high levels of precision and repeatability.

The robot is equipped with a range of safety features, including a laser scanner, bumpers, and emergency stop buttons, to ensure the safety of the operator and those around the robot. It is also designed to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, ensuring that it can operate continuously and reliably in various production environments.

Overall, KUKA's KMP 600-S diffDrive is a highly advanced mobile platform that is designed to meet the specific needs of various applications. Its flexibility, versatility, and advanced control system make it an ideal tool for use in industries that require highly mobile and agile robotic systems.

Megvii MegBot-S Series
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Payload 130kg

Megvii's MegBot-S Series is an autonomous mobile robot series that is designed for a range of indoor applications. These robots are equipped with advanced technology and features that make them highly efficient and reliable for various use cases.

One of the primary features of the MegBot-S Series is its Slam Navigation system. Slam Navigation stands for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, and it is a technique that allows the robot to build a map of its surroundings while simultaneously tracking its own position within that map. The MegBot-S Series robots use a combination of sensors, cameras, and algorithms to create a real-time map of the environment, and then use that map to navigate autonomously through the space.

The MegBot-S Series also features autonomous positioning capabilities, which allow the robot to accurately locate itself within the map it has created. This is important for tasks such as delivery, material handling, and inspection, where the robot needs to move precisely and reliably within the environment. The autonomous positioning also ensures that the robot can continue to operate even if its GPS signal is disrupted, making it a reliable solution for indoor applications.

Another important feature of the MegBot-S Series is its automatic map building capabilities. As the robot moves through its environment, it creates a detailed and accurate map of the space in real-time. This map can then be used by other robots or systems within the facility, improving overall efficiency and productivity. The automatic map building also means that the robot can operate in a dynamic environment where the layout may change over time.

Overall, the Megvii MegBot-S Series of autonomous mobile robots is a highly advanced and capable solution for a range of indoor applications. Its Slam Navigation, autonomous positioning, and automatic map building capabilities make it highly efficient and reliable, providing businesses with a powerful tool to increase productivity and reduce costs in various use cases.