RÖHM Pneumatic actuation gripper RPP-50 Pricing & Product Details

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Pneumatic actuation gripper RPP-50 Overview

What is Pneumatic actuation gripper RPP-50?

  • High gripping force with low dead weight and compact design
  • High torque support for using long gripper fingers thanks to elongated jaw guide
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to versatile connection and fastening options
  • Long service life and high reliability thanks to specially ground base jaws in proven T-slot guide

What applications is Pneumatic actuation gripper RPP-50 product best for?

Universal gripping of round and angular workpieces with two parallel gripper fingers for handling with robots or portals.

What are the specifications of Pneumatic actuation gripper RPP-50?

Operation type
  • Angular
  • Parallel
  • Vacuum
  • Palletizer
  • Magnetic
  • Adhesive
  • Soft
  • Radial
  • Centric