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Grippers are devices that allow cobots to pick up objects. They are attached to the wrist of the cobot. A variety of grippers makes cobots able to handle products in all shapes and sizes.

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What is a gripper?

A gripper is a tool that is attached to the wrist of a cobot. A device that allows cobots to pick up objects and hold objects.

Main types of grippers:

The main types of grippers include:

Hydraulic grippers:

Hydraulic grippers are essentially heavy-duty grippers that tend to apply forces needed to handle heavy items, usually 50kgs or more.

Vacuum grippers:

Vacuum grippers have suction cups. It is used to handle workpieces of irregular shapes or uneven surfaces.

Pneumatic grippers:

Pneumatic gripper in a nutshell, a pick-and-place gripper. It uses compressed air to function the gripper jaws, in other words also known as fingers.

and Electric grippers:

Electric grippers, also known as servo-electric grippers, use an electric motor to control the gripper's fingers. A popular choice for many cobot applications including machine tending and pick & place.

Other types of grippers:

Other types of grippers include:

  • Angular grippers

  • Parallel grippers

  • Soft grippers

  • Magnetic grippers

  • Palletizer grippers

  • Adaptive gripper

How to choose the right gripper:

Choosing the right gripper requires a complete and comprehensive assessment. These are some quick factors to take into account to help you pick the right gripper that fits your requirements and needs.

  • Application/Environment:

This is dependent on the designated task that you would like the cobot to perform, whether it is hazardous material, delicate material or to pick up materials. This is also dependant on the environment of which will the gripper function in.

  • Cost:

There are several costs associated with the gripper, for example, the initial investment of the gripper, implementation costs, and on-going costs such as maintenance costs. This is also not inclusive of the operational expenses of the power source usage costs associated with the utilisation of the gripper.

  • Cycle Time:

The speed required for clamping and/or opening/closing the gripper will decide the cycle time.

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