RB10-1300 Overview

What is RB10-1300?

The RAINBOW ROBOTICS RB10-1300 stands out in its series with a substantial payload capacity of 10 kg and a reach of 1300 mm, making it particularly suited for tasks involving heavier objects. This capacity is the highest among all cobots in the RB series, enabling it to efficiently handle packaging, courier transportation, and pallet loading operations. Its high precision, with a repeatability of ±0.05 mm, ensures consistent and accurate performance in repetitive tasks, making it reliable for industrial automation processes.

Constructed from aluminum, plastic, and steel, the RB10-1300 combines durability with a relatively lightweight design of 37.1 kg. Its compact footprint of 196 mm allows it to be integrated into various industrial settings without occupying excessive space. The robot features an M10 12-pin connector, supporting both 12V and 24V power with up to 2A current, and comes with a 5-meter cable length, offering flexibility in its operational setup.

Designed for robust performance, the RB10-1300 operates efficiently within a temperature range of 0-50°C and adheres to IP66 standards for dust and water resistance. It operates quietly at less than 65dB(A) and consumes 350W of power under standard programming conditions, ensuring energy efficiency. The joint range and maximum speeds across its six joints offer extensive maneuverability, with all joints capable of 360° rotation and varying maximum speeds, enhancing its adaptability to complex and dynamic industrial tasks.

What applications is RB10-1300 product best for?

  1. Packaging Industry: The RB10-1300 is ideal for handling heavy packaging tasks, efficiently managing the assembly and disassembly of large, bulk packages with its 10kg payload capacity and 1300mm reach.
  2. Courier and Logistics: This cobot excels in sorting and transporting heavy parcels, improving efficiency in courier hubs and warehouses with its precise ±0.05mm repeatability and robust build.
  3. Pallet Loading: The RB10-1300 is perfect for automating the stacking and organization of heavy goods on pallets, ensuring consistent accuracy and speed, which reduces manual labor and enhances productivity in warehouse operations.

What are the specifications of RB10-1300?


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