RNA Vibration Platform FlexType P Pricing & Product Details

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Vibration Platform FlexType P Pricing

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Vibration Platform FlexType P Overview

What is Vibration Platform FlexType P?

FlexType P offers you a pre-configured feeding system adapted to your parts that is based on our FlexCube vibration platform with hopper, parts recirculation and camera system.
FlexType P features an integrated vibration platform. Specific movements can be programmed in the x, y and z directions on the vibration platform. Taking into account their properties, parts are therefore handled in such a way that a high number of parts are ready to be picked up. This enables higher feeding capacities compared to uncontrolled vibration platforms. By offering freely programmable flipping amplitudes, it even allows to place elongated parts upright, or to fill pockets mounted directly onto the platform.

Based on a modular system, RNA also offers dual systems, as illustrated, with two platforms operating independently in parallel. Models with hopper, quick emptying system and parts recirculation for short changeover times are optionally available. Possibility of combining different robot and control systems or handling gantries.

What are the specifications of Vibration Platform FlexType P?

  • Cobot- Platforms
  • Linear axes
  • Protective covers
  • Feeders
  • Energy chain kit