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With a maximum reach of 3,150 mm, the RS015X model has the longest reach of the R series robots, which are setting the benchmark for all small to medium duty Industrial (Articulated) Robots. The compact design, along with industry leading speed, reach and work range make the R series robots ideal for a wide range of applications throughout a multitude of diverse industries.

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The six-axis MOTOMAN AR3120 robot is the perfect candidate for arc welding or cutting jobs which require a very long reach of more than 3 meters - e.g. very large, flat or deep workpieces. It combines precision, world-leading path performance and functionality in a way which made MOTOMAN welding robots superior over the last decades. The AR3120 allows you to achieve optimal welding results even under extremely difficult conditions.
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The MOTOMAN MPL160II 4-axis robot has a payload of 160 kg and a reach of 3,159 mm, and offers top performance for box, carton and bag palletizing for end-of-line packaging and logistics applications.
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The flexible, shelf-mounted MOTOMAN GP165R robot provides extended reach of 3.134 mm, a payload of 165 kg and an outstanding repeatability of better than +/- 0.05 mm. A streamlined upper arm provides easy access to parts in confined spaces. As being a shelf-type robot, the motion range is extended for working below the robot base level, allowing to the robot to be installed on a raised steel structure to save floor space. Latest Sigma7 Servo Motor technology and high inertia wrist allows fast axis speed and acceleration to decrease cycle time and optimize production output.
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The 4-axis MOTOMAN MPL160-100II robot has a payload capacity of 100 kg and a range of 3149 mm.
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The six-axis MOTOMAN AR3120 robot combines a unique long reach of 3.124 mm with a payload capability of 20kg, by keeping an excellent repeatability precision of less than +/- 0.07 mm.

RS015X Specifications

Payload 15 kg
Reach 3150 mm
Repeatability 0.06 mm
Number of Axes 6
Robot mass 545 kg
Extra info Wrist : IP67 equivalent / Base axis : IP65 equivalent

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