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TIM781S-2174104 Pricing

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TIM781S-2174104 Overview

What is TIM781S-2174104?

  • Application: Indoor
  • Integrated application: Protective field evaluation with flexible fields, output of measurement data
  • Measurement principle: HDDM+
  • Working range: 0.05 m ... 25 m, > 90% remission
  • Angular resolution: 0.33°
  • Number of field sets: 16
  • Digital outputs: 3 (PNP, to display a protective field violation, additional 1 x “Device Ready”)
  • Connection type: 1 x “Ethernet” connection, 4-pin M12 female connector, 1 x connection “Power”, 12-pin, M12 male connector, 1 x Micro USB female connector, type B

What applications is TIM781S-2174104 product best for?

Fields of applications:

  • Collision avoidance (AGVs, mobile platforms and service robots)
  • Access protection (stationary machines, doors, gates)
  • Presence detection
  • Applications in which 2D LiDAR sensors combined with safety laser scanners are required for functional, all-round safe solutions