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ZED Box Overview

What is ZED Box?


The most powerful Embedded mini-PC for 3D perception and AI computing.

The most powerful embedded mini-PC for spatial AI.
Powered by NVIDIA® Jetson™ Xavier, the ZED Box is an industrial AI gateway for challenging environments. It delivers the required GPU horsepower to run modern neural networks and process 3D sensor data in real time, allowing for a complete, self-managed AI system.

3D AI at the edge
The ZED Box has built-in NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier GPU, for familiar development and fast 3D and machine learning computation at the edge.

Designed for Camera and Sensor Processing

Easily and seamlessly ingest and process live streams of ZED cameras, augment the data and transmit it by Ethernet or Wifi.

A Broad Range of Applications

The ZED Box can be used for a growing number of industrial use-cases such as edge analytics, autonomous robotics, interactive experiences, and many more.

Compact Fanless Design

With a rugged aluminium and fanless chassis, this embedded computer packs the power of a supercomputer into a small form factor (109 x 92 x 52 mm).

PoE+ Powered

Deploy edge devices anywhere in the field using PoE+, enabling long-range and outdoor coverage, simplified cabling infrastructure and easier maintenance.

Compliance for 24/7 Operation

The Edge AI Gateway is a ruggedized and field-tested embedded system, which makes it suitable for 24/7 deployment in many types of environments.

Set up and run applications in minutes.
Connect your camera and set up your gateway in minutes. Once installed, deploy your app and start processing 3D video feeds with CV and AI in real-time.

1 Install your ZED Box and camera
Mount the ZED Box on a wall or in a mobile system. Connect your 3D camera and power source, or use PoE+ for simplified cabling infrastructure.

2 Run your 3D AI application

Deploy and run your application on the ZED Box to start processing 3D data in real time at the edge.

3 Manage and update remotely

Use a modern, cloud-based platform to monitor your live video stream, remotely control your gateway and sensors, deploy apps and collect data.