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What is UR20?

The Universal Robots UR20 is a next-generation collaborative robot designed to deliver superior performance, versatility, and usability, while maintaining a small footprint. With a reach of 1750 mm and a payload capacity of 20 kg, the UR20 can handle a wide range of tasks, fit various applications, and assist in many different environments.

The UR20 features a new joint architecture that allows for up to a 65% increase in speed, depending on the joint type. The redesign puts less stress on the arm mechanics, resulting in a 25% increase in joint torque capability. This design delivers next-generation performance and quality, helping you increase throughput, uptime, and get more products to market faster than ever before.

One of the primary benefits of the UR20 is that it automates repetitive, low-value tasks, reducing the risk of worker injuries and inconsistencies in production. With the UR20, you can protect your people, as 8% of manufacturing workplace injuries happen due to repetitive motions, and 24% are due to overexertion. The UR20 collaborative robot can now automate more of these tasks, freeing up your team to focus on higher value work.

The UR20 is designed with transferable expertise in mind, allowing node-based programs to provide a visual representation of the steps in the operation, making it simple to understand and optimize. Productivity in large-scale workplace setups and applications can be maintained despite labor gaps and shortages.

In addition to its performance and usability, the UR20 is ready for the future. It can build, change, save, and upload programs easily depending on the task at hand. You can optimize without downtime by analyzing and enhancing programs as they run.

What applications is UR20 product best for?

The increased reach enables the further scaling of cobot automation and throughput gains to more demanding, heavier-duty applications.

Where picking, packing and palletizing of heavy parts is required, the UR20 can help customers gain efficiencies and productivity. The UR20 enables reach for standard EURO pallets, and stacking of up to 2m in height.

The UR20 offers flexible processing of a diverse range of larger dimension parts to machinery such as cutting, punching, drilling, machining and forming. Mountable in any position the UR20 easily moves around workplace objects such as machine tending doors.

Redesigned from the ground up, the software brings unprecedented motion control capabilities to the joint architecture, achieving up to 30% greater speed and 25% higher torque within a closed capsule.

Greater payload allows heavier workpiece handling, as well as the option to configure two or more end effectors for even better cycle times. Manufacturing and assembly of large equipment such as diesel engines, driveline, transmission and battery assemblies often require human robot collaboration.

In applications where reaching for long seams of parts and components is typically required, the small footprint of the UR20 enables multiple robots be used in the same production cell. New joint architecture improves motion consistency while the larger 1750mm reach geometry increases your work zone.

What are the specifications of UR20?

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Jul 17, 2023

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  • 2022
We use this robot in an experiment with end-users trying a block-based language for mobile robots. UR5 was mounted on top of a MiR 250 mobile robot, and it was used by the participants to solve a pick-and-place task using our block-based language. In general, I must say that this is a very solid robot. Universal Robots, in my personal opinion, is one of (if not the) best companies in terms of software development support. Using their API we were able to implement the language as we wanted. The robot itself is also very easy to manipulate using lead-through mode; the participants in our experiment had no issues manipulating it. In terms of operating system and configuration, Universal Robots is also really good, no issues at all.

Stefano Maugeri


May 22, 2023

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  • 2022
I used it for academic purposes, to test different types of non-linear controls and their performances. The first approach was carried out in Matlab simulation with Peter Cork's robotics toolbox, which I recommend for its simplicity. The porting of the various control techniques from the simulation to the real robot has been made simple thanks to the user manual. On the internet it is also possible to find a lot of support regarding the more classic problems
The arm is powerful (as per the datasheet) and very accurate. The structure, in addition to being pleasant, is robust. The ability to test trajectories a priori in a simulated environment has made testing on the real robot much safer. The robot comes with polyscope, a very simple GUI for programming the robot. From this interface it is possible to connect the robot with the modbus, and therefore with any other microcontroller you want.
Polyscope is very simple to use, but it is built with JAVA FX, and the result is a slightly retro GUI. For the cost of the robot, I would have hoped for a more attractive GUI. Obviously, this does not affect the functioning of the robot. I would have liked more support from the vendor towards other external tools, like matlab or ROS.

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