Zlin Robotics Cobot UMS - Universal Mobile Stand Pricing & Product Details

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Cobot UMS - Universal Mobile Stand Pricing

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Cobot UMS - Universal Mobile Stand Overview

What is Cobot UMS - Universal Mobile Stand?

“The UMS has been developed by the Czech Techman Partner, Zlin Robotics. This forms an industrial base to house the Cobot control and to facilitate easy
re-purposing within the manufacturing environment.

The UMS stand is equipped with a reliable and solid levelling casters, allowing you to quickly relocate the stand and fix it at the new position. Utilising the unique vision capabilities of the TM Cobot range
( Landmarks ), it is easy to re-datum the robot base and start to execute a new task.

All the Inputs and Outputs of the robot control box are rooted to the outside of the cabinet, together with preparation for a pneumatic control. The UMS is designed to incorporate any one of the four TM Cobots from the TM5-700 to the TM14-1300. At 160Kg it can cater for the entire cantilever loading of these applications.

It is possible to tailor the exact connections to meet customer specification,
so please call us to discuss your specific requirements”

What are the specifications of Cobot UMS - Universal Mobile Stand?

  • Cobot- Platforms
  • Linear axes
  • Protective covers
  • Feeders
  • Energy chain kit