Winter Awards 2021


Qviro is proud to announce its award winners for the winter season. All of Qviro's awards are based solely on user reviews and points of data. This objective way of determining the award-winners gives true insight into which products users truly value.

The winners are:

  • Universal Robots,

  • ABB,

  • Techman,

  • Fanuc and

  • Franka Emika.

What award did these companies win?

  • Universal Robots won ‘Most popular’, ‘Easy to use’, ‘Users love us’ and ‘Value for money’.

  • ABB won ‘Easy to use’, ‘Users love us’ and ‘Value for money’.

  • Techman won ‘Easy to use’, ‘Users love us’ and ‘Value for money’.

  • Fanuc won the ‘Hottest product’

  • Franka Emika won ‘Easy to use’, ‘Users love us’ and ‘Value for money’.

Why are these awards based on reviews?

Online reviews are essential for industrial buyers.

Reviews have gained a key role in purchase journeys across the world and across industries. Whether you’re looking for a new set of pants online, downloading an app, or researching a doctor for your next physical, customer reviews are essential. More than ever, they guide how consumers make purchase decisions.

The truth is, customers and prospects don’t trust a brand enough to convert. At least not yet. And it’s not only our day-to-day purchases that have been impacted. Arguably, we spend even more time researching the five-and six figure Industry 4.0 decisions we make for our companies.

In fact, 92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review.

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Updated 29/09/22