automatica 2023: Innovation & New Releases

Munich, 2023: Experience the future of automation and robotics at automatica 2023, a prestigious exhibition from June 27 to 30. Discover cutting-edge technology and exciting innovations that are shaping the industry. automatica 2023 promises to inspire and showcase the latest advancements in robotics and automation, enhancing productivity and safety across various sectors.


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ABB: GoFa 10 & 12

ABB has introduced two industrial robots, GoFa 10 and GoFa 12, for automation.

GoFa 12 can carry 12 kilograms and reach 1.4 meters. It works well in places with oil and is super precise, accurate to 0.02 millimeters. It’s fast, moving at 2 meters per second. It’s excellent for tasks like machine tending, welding, and polishing.

GoFa 10 can handle 10 kilograms and reach 1.62 meters. It’s good in dirty or damp areas and is perfect for tasks like stacking in logistics, warehousing, and manufacturing. It can handle extreme temperatures and is easy to integrate with software systems for efficient programming and control in larger automation setups.


DENSO Unveils Cobotta Cobot:

COBOTTA PRO is a speedy robot that works safely alongside humans in industrial automation. It’s among the industry’s fastest, reaching speeds of up to 2,500 mm/s. This robot is user-friendly for programming and controlling, and it’s skilled at tackling challenging tasks with the CRC9 controller. By combining it with Denso Wave’s 3D vision technology and AI software, it becomes even more capable.

COBOTTA PRO is adaptable and can meet specific requirements. It performs well in extreme temperatures and seamlessly integrates with existing software systems commonly used in industrial automation. It’s a unique solution suitable for a variety of applications and work conditions.


Kawasaki & Neura Robotics Collaborate on CL Series Cobots:

The Kawasaki CL Series is a line of collaborative robots resulting from the partnership between Kawasaki and Neura Robotics. These robots blend Japanese engineering and German innovation to provide versatile solutions. They come in various sizes and can be used for different jobs. The CL Series has modern technology, a lightweight but strong build, and an easy-to-use interface.

These robots are great at automating tasks quickly and accurately. They’re tough and can handle challenging environments. The CL Series is a strong collaboration between Kawasaki and Neura Robotics, combining their strengths to advance collaborative robotics.

CL Series

Thriving Innovation:

automatica 2023 is filled with new releases and advanced technologies from different companies. This event is like a meeting place for big and small players in the industry to explore new possibilities in automation. The showcased innovations cover things like augmented reality, digital twins, sustainable production, and teamwork between humans and machines. These ideas aim for a future that’s more efficient, connected, and sustainable.


To sum up, automatica 2023 will reshape the future of automation and robotics, especially in the area of collaborative robots. This event demonstrates the industry’s dedication to innovation, teamwork, and sustainability. Attendees will experience cutting-edge technologies, discover new ideas, and gather important insights, which will inspire and equip them to influence the future of automation.

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