Average Price of a Cobot [Study on 56 Cobots]

When people look for a cobot, the price is a big thing they think about.

Average Cobot Price:

Based on Qviro’s price research of 56 cobots, the average price of a cobot is € 27,158.

Prices and Payload Capabilities:

Cobot prices are linearly related to their payload capabilities.

Illustrating the Link:

Examples of average prices to the cobots payload capabilities:

1. A 5kg payload capable cobot, the equivalent price would be € 25,000.

2. A 10kg payload capable cobot, the equivalent price would be € 35,000.

3. A 15kg payload capable cobot, the equivalent price would be € 45,000.

An illustration of cobot prices being linearly related to its payload capabilities.

Market Challenges: Cheap Cobots with Heavy Lifting:

With growing numbers of cobots on the market, a few companies challenge the market with relatively low prices for higher payloads. Their main goal is to gain market share without focussing on profit.

Hidden Costs of Cobots:

Cobots may seem cheaper than they really are. Usually, their costs are 2 to 3 times more than what you pay for the cobot itself.


When you’re thinking about getting a cobot, remember that it’s not just about the cobot. You need to look at the total costs. This includes:

  1. The cobot arm.
  2. Extra stuff you need (things that stick to the cobot).
  3. Making the cobot work with your production line.

Different Cobots, Different Costs

  1. If you’re using a basic cobot to pick things up and put them down, you’ll usually just need a simple two-finger gripper. Getting the cobot to work with your production line is usually easier and costs less.
  2. But if you’re doing something more complicated, like picking things from bins, you’ll need special things like software, machine vision systems, and special grippers. This can make it more expensive and a bit tricky to set up.
  3. If the cobot is easy to install and set up, it’s usually cheaper. it’s a cost-saver, if you can just plug in extra stuff without doing complicated programming, it’s a cost-saver.
  4. If your cobot will work on a production line that doesn’t change much, it won’t cost as much.

So, remember, when you look at cobot prices, think about the whole picture, not just the cobot itself. It’ll help you make smart choices.

Find Cobot Prices on Qviro:

You can find the prices of all kinds of cobots on Qviro. We show every product out there, whether companies pay us or not. We want you to have the facts so you can make smart choices.

To learn more about Cobot Prices.

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