Cobots: Efficiency and Safety in Automation

Collaborative Robots, or cobots, are the future of industrial automation. These are clever machines designed to work alongside people in the same area, making work quicker and more secure. Cobots have special sensors to sense touch and avoid accidents. They’ll change the way we work, making industries better and more efficient.

Flexible & Lightweight:

Cobots are changing how industries automate their work. They are easy to set up and cost less in terms of integration.

These cobots are lightweight and can move around easily, making them good for many jobs like stacking, welding, gluing, and taking care of machines. Even though they have limits on how heavy they can lift, how far they can reach, and how fast they move, cobots can still automate many tasks well. That’s why businesses use them to make their work more efficient.

But for jobs that need heavy lifting or super-fast movements, regular industrial robots might still be the better choice.

Cobot Safety:

Cobots are designed to be safe when they work close to people. When used correctly, cobots can work without needing extra safety barriers or sensors. They move slowly and can sense if they hit something, so it’s unlikely to cause harm. If they do bump into something, they stop on their own to avoid causing any harm.

Important: Cobots can be unsafe without the right precautions!

ISO/TS 15066 sets safety rules for cobots and their tools. It tells us how people and robots can work together without accidents. It gives rules for how they should act around people and how strong they can hit in a collision. This rule book also talks about how to design the cobot, the place it works in, and how to check for risks. You need to do a risk check for each job because cobots follow the Machinery Directive.

Fast-Growing Cobot Market:

The market for collaborative robots is growing really fast. A group called ABI Research says that by 2030, cobots will make up one-third of the industrial robots market. This will mean a turnover of 9 billion euros and almost 30% growth every year. This growth happens because cobots have good prices and are simple to program.That’s why they work for lots of jobs, whether you’re a big company or a small one, and whether you’re inside a factory or outside.


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