FANUC’s CRX Collaborative Robot Series

FANUC’s goal is to make automation simple for its customers by providing everything they need in one place. In 2022, they brought out the CRX cobot series. This article will highlight the most important things we learned from the launch event.


Unlocking the Potential of Collaborative Robots:

At their launch event, Fanuc emphasized the importance and benefits of using collaborative robots:

1. Non-Stop Production:

With collaborative robots, factories can work around the clock, ensuring constant output.

2. Saving Money:

Automation solutions help cut expenses, making operations more cost-effective.

3. Improved Product Quality:

Collaborative robots also boost the overall quality of the products being manufactured.



Introducing the CRX Cobot Series:

During the event, Fanuc introduced the CRX series of collaborative robots, and each one has its own special features:


  • Payload: 5kg
  • Max Reach: 994mm


  • Payload: 10kg
  • Max Reach: 1249mm


  • Payload: 10kg
  • Max Reach: 1418mm


  • Payload: 20kg
  • Max Reach: 1418mm


  • Payload: 25kg
  • Max Reach: 1889mm


Key Features:

1. Safety First:

Fanuc made sure that the CRX series robots work safely around people in different settings. These robots are designed to be easy to use and comfortable, with no sharp edges.

2. Easy to Use:

Setting up these robots is fast and simple. Programming them is a piece of cake. Fanuc showed how to do it using a tablet with a drag-and-drop method. This makes it really easy to tell the robot what to do.

3. Helpful Resources:

Fanuc has instructional videos on their website. These videos are like online classes and help users with setting up, programming, and using the robot every day.


Physical Features:

The CRX cobots are very light, weighing only 40kg. This makes them easy to install. They also have cool features like cameras, advanced vision abilities, and easy-to-use force sensing tech. Fanuc has introduced smart feeders and a mobile platform called AGV to move the CRX cobots around.


What They Can Do:

The CRX cobots can do lots of different jobs, like putting things together, stacking, pouring, welding, and packing. Fanuc showed how they can work in tough places like humid greenhouses and cold storage.


Built to Last and Easy to Clean:

Fanuc cares about making the CRX cobots durable and easy to clean. These robots have a unique coating that makes them easy to clean when they get dirty. They’re also shielded from things like dust and sand, thanks to their IP67 rating. Plus, they can function in water up to one meter deep for 30 minutes.


If you want to learn more about Fanuc’s CRX Series.

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