Top 7 Robotics Marketplaces 2024

Choosing the right robotics marketplace is crucial for your automation project. In 2024, the robotics industry is booming, giving you more options than ever. To help you navigate, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 robotics marketplaces. These platforms offer industrial robots, collaborative robots (cobots), simulation tools, and automation solutions.

Whether you need new or refurbished robots, these marketplaces have a wide range of options to meet your specific needs.

Read on to find the best places to buy robotics products and stay ahead in the automation game.


What is a Robotic Marketplace?

Understanding Robotic Marketplaces:

A robotic marketplace is an online platform tailored specifically for you to explore and buy robotics. Here, you find robots and robotic tools that fit exactly what your business needs, from small tasks to big projects.

Navigating the Marketplace:

In these marketplaces, every robot and tool is listed with clear details. You’ll see prices, capabilities, and user reviews. This setup helps you compare options easily. You can look at what each robot can do and how much it costs, all in one place.

Why Use a Robotic Marketplace?

Choosing to shop on a robotic marketplace saves you time and effort. It pulls together a variety of robots from different suppliers, letting you compare them side by side. You don’t need to jump from one website to another; everything is in one spot. Plus, most marketplaces offer expert advice and support, helping you make the best choice for your needs.

Simply put, a robotic marketplace streamlines your search for the right robot, making it quicker and more direct to find the best solutions to enhance your operations.


Top 7 Robotics Marketplaces 2024:

1. Qviro: is your go-to marketplace for industrial robots. It specializes in providing detailed reviews and comparisons to help you make informed decisions. With a focus on industrial robotics, ensures you get comprehensive information to find the best solution for your automation needs.

Key Features:

  • User Reviews: Real feedback from industry professionals who have used the products. These reviews give you insights into performance and reliability.
  • Detailed Specs: In-depth specifications for each product. You can compare features like payload capacity, speed, and precision to find the best match for your project.
  • Comparison Tools: Easy-to-use tools to compare multiple robots side by side. This helps you quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of each option.
  • Qviro Match: Join Qviro Match that helps you find the perfect robotics solutions based on your specific needs and project requirements.
  • Community Support: Join the Qviro Robotics Community to connect with experts and get advice on your automation projects.

Benefits: is built for project engineers like you. It offers detailed reviews and specifications to help you find the best robotics solutions for your specific needs. User reviews provide real-world insights, and comparison tools save you time by making decision-making easier. Whether you need a robot for machine-tending, packaging, or palletizing, ensures you get the right fit. With, you can confidently choose the best industrial robot to improve your manufacturing line and reach your automation goals.



2. is a leading marketplace specializing in collaborative robots (cobots) and automation solutions. If you’re looking to integrate cobots into your manufacturing process, offers a comprehensive selection of products and services to meet your needs.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Catalog of Cobots: features a wide range of collaborative robots from top brands. You’ll find cobots suited for various applications such as assembly, packaging, and machine tending.
  • Training Resources: They offer extensive training materials and courses to help you and your team get up to speed with cobot technology. These resources ensure that you can effectively operate and maintain your new robotic systems.
  • Implementation Support: provides expert support for the implementation of cobots into your manufacturing line. Their team assists with setup, programming, and integration to ensure a smooth transition to automation.

Benefits: is perfect for you if you want to integrate cobots into your manufacturing processes. Their extensive catalog helps you find the right cobot for your specific needs. They offer training resources to ensure your team is ready to use the new technology, and their implementation support minimizes downtime for a smooth deployment. With, you can boost productivity, improve safety, and increase efficiency in your operations. This marketplace is dedicated to helping you get the most out of collaborative robots, making automation accessible and effective for businesses of all sizes.

3. provides a powerful platform for robot simulation and offline programming. It’s designed to help you create and optimize robotic programs without needing physical robots, making it an essential tool for engineers and manufacturers.

Key Features:

  • Wide Range of Robot Brands: supports a variety of robot brands, including ABB, KUKA, FANUC, and Universal Robots. This ensures compatibility with most industrial robots on the market.
  • Easy-to-Use Simulation Tools: The platform offers intuitive simulation tools that allow you to visualize and test robotic operations before implementation. This helps in identifying and resolving potential issues early.
  • Training Modules: provides comprehensive training modules that guide you through the simulation and programming process. These resources are designed to help both beginners and experienced users make the most of the platform.

Benefits: is a must-have for optimizing your robot programming and cutting downtime. You can simulate and test your robotic programs offline, helping you avoid costly mistakes and improve efficiency. The platform supports various robot brands, so it works with your current equipment. The easy-to-use simulation tools and detailed training modules make it accessible for everyone. Whether you want to enhance your operations or explore new automation options, has what you need. With, you can streamline your workflow, reduce risks, and achieve greater precision in your manufacturing processes.


4. is a German-based marketplace offering a wide variety of robotics and automation products. If you are looking for quality robotics solutions from European manufacturers, this is the place to go.

Key Features:

  • Focus on European Manufacturers: highlights products from top European manufacturers. This ensures you get high-quality, reliable robotics solutions.
  • Diverse Product Range: The marketplace offers a broad selection of products, including industrial robots, cobots, and automation components. You can find the right tools for any application.
  • Strong Customer Support: provides excellent customer support to help you with product selection, setup, and troubleshooting. Their team is always ready to assist you.

Benefits: is ideal for European companies seeking local suppliers and support. They focus on European manufacturers, ensuring you get top-quality and reliable products. Their diverse product range lets you find exactly what you need for your automation projects. You’ll receive strong customer support at every step, making it easy to integrate new robotics solutions into your workflow. With, you can confidently improve your manufacturing processes with top-tier robotics and automation products.



5. is a leading marketplace for a wide range of industrial automation products. It’s your go-to site for finding the latest automation tools and technologies to improve your manufacturing processes.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Product Listings: offers a vast array of automation products. You can find everything from sensors and controllers to robotics and software solutions.
  • Industry News: Stay updated with the latest trends in the industrial automation sector. The site features news articles covering the newest advancements and innovations.
  • Expert Articles: Gain insights from industry experts. provides detailed articles that offer practical advice, best practices, and in-depth analysis of automation technologies.

Benefits: keeps you up to date with the latest trends and technologies in industrial automation. You can find the exact tools you need from their extensive product listings to improve your manufacturing line. Stay ahead of the curve with their industry news and updates. The expert articles give you valuable knowledge and tips from professionals, helping you make informed decisions. Whether you’re searching for new products or staying updated on industry news, is your go-to resource for all your automation needs.



6. is a popular marketplace catering to both consumer and professional robotics needs. Whether you’re a hobbyist, educator, or industry professional, has something for you.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Product Categories: offers a wide range of products. You’ll find educational robots for learning and teaching, as well as advanced industrial robots for professional applications.
  • Educational Robots: Perfect for schools and hobbyists, these robots help teach coding, electronics, and robotics fundamentals.
  • Advanced Industrial Robots: For professionals, provides sophisticated robots designed for manufacturing, automation, and other industrial uses.

Benefits: is perfect for anyone interested in robotics. If you’re a hobbyist or educator, you’ll love their variety of educational robots that make learning fun and interactive. For professionals, they offer advanced robots that meet specific industry needs, giving you the tools to enhance your operations. With a wide range of products, is your go-to place for all things robotics. Whether you want to teach, learn, or improve your manufacturing processes, has the solutions you need.



7. is a global distributor of electronic components, boasting a strong robotics section. It’s an excellent resource for companies looking to build or customize their robotic systems.

Key Features:

  • Wide Range of Robotics Parts: offers a comprehensive selection of robotics parts, including sensors, motors, and controllers. You’ll find everything you need to assemble or upgrade your robots.
  • Components and Kits: In addition to individual parts, provides complete kits. These kits are perfect for educational purposes or for getting a head start on your robotics projects.
  • Quality and Availability: ensures that all components are high quality and readily available. This means you can count on getting the parts you need quickly and reliably.

Benefits: is perfect for you if you want to build or customize your robotic systems. You’ll find a wide range of parts and components, so you can get exactly what you need, whether you’re starting a new project or upgrading an existing one. Their complete kits make it easy for beginners to get started and help professionals save time on sourcing parts. With, you can be confident you’re getting high-quality components that fit your specific needs. This platform is dedicated to supporting your robotics projects with reliable parts and excellent service.




Choosing the right robotics marketplace is crucial for your automation success. The top marketplaces of 2024 offer diverse options to suit your needs. You can find detailed reviews, a wide range of products, refurbished robots, and essential components. These platforms also provide industry news and expert insights to keep you updated. By using these resources, you can efficiently enhance your manufacturing processes with reliable and high-quality solutions.


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Top 7 Robotics Marketplaces 2024

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