UR Series vs. Fanuc CRX: Cobot Showdown

Choosing the right cobot can revolutionize your production line. You’ve got two top contenders: FANUC’s CRX-Series and Universal Robots’ UR Series. Which one will best suit your needs? If you’re drawn to simplicity and user-friendliness, the CRX-Series might catch your eye. Or, if flexibility and ease are what you’re after, the UR Series could be your match. This guide will help you decide, focusing on what each series offers to boost your manufacturing efficiency. 

Let’s dive into the details and find the perfect cobot for you.

*These Comparisons Are Based Off Real User Reviews*

Choosing Your Cobot: Universal Robots vs. FANUC

The FANUC CRX-Series is like the new, friendly neighbor who’s easy to get along with. It’s designed to fit into your production line smoothly, perfect for those just starting with robots. It works safely next to your team, no extra gear needed. On the other hand, Universal Robots’ UR Series is the experienced helper you wish you had earlier. It’s famous for making automation easy for any task, big or small. With its user-friendly approach, setting up and changing processes is a breeze. So, depending on what you need—simplicity and safety or flexibility and ease—the choice is yours.

Specification FANUC CRX-25iA Universal Robots UR20
Payload 10-25 kg 3-20 kg
Reach 994-1889 mm 500-1750 mm
Weight Approx. 40 kg Approx. 11.2-64 kg
Degrees of Freedom 6 6
Repeatability ±0.04 mm ±0.05 mm
Power Supply 100-240 V AC 100-240 V AC
Footprint 190 mm diameter 190 mm diameter
Protection Class IPX4 IP54
Programming Interface Proprietary FANUC software Polyscope (proprietary GUI)
Mounting Options Floor, Angle, Wall, Ceiling Floor, Wall, Ceiling

User Reviews:

When picking between the FANUC CRX-Series and Universal Robots UR Series, hearing from users who’ve been there can guide your decision. Let’s dive into their experiences.

Easy to Program: 

The UR Series is a hit for its easy setup and programming. Users say it’s “simple” and “friendly,” perfect if you’re new to robots. Its drag-and-drop programming is a highlight. The CRX-Series, with its new tablet interface, is getting easier to use, but some feel it’s not as straightforward as the UR Series yet.

Quality and Support: 

Both cobots get thumbs up for being tough and reliable. Users are happy with how long they last and how well they work. For help and advice, the UR Series stands out. Its online help, forums, and quick customer service responses make users feel well-supported. FANUC offers good support too, but UR’s community feels more welcoming.

Maintenance & Uptime: 

Nobody likes downtime. FANUC and Universal Robots shine with their reliable performance and low maintenance needs. FANUC’s reputation for quality means less worry about breakdowns. With Universal Robots, you’ll find robust cobots that stay on task with minimal fuss.

Safety Features:

Safety first, always. FANUC CRX works safely next to humans without extra safety gear, making it a top choice for team environments. Universal Robots also emphasizes safety, with features designed to ensure that humans and robots can work side by side safely and efficiently.

Compatibility and Integration:

The UR Series leads in working well with lots of different tools and gadgets. It’s praised for being “plug-and-play” friendly. The CRX-Series is improving, offering more options to work with different accessories, but UR still has the edge in variety.

Value for Money:

Views on value depend on what you’re looking for. The UR Series is seen as a great deal because you can use it for so many different things easily. The CRX-Series might cost more at first but is considered a solid investment for tough, industrial jobs.

So, what’s best for you? If an easy start and lots of add-on options matter, the UR Series could be your winner. If you’re after a cobot that’s tough and getting easier to use, take a closer look at the CRX-Series. What users say points to both having their perks, depending on what you need them for.

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Find Universal Robots UR Series Prices and Compare with Other Cobots!
Find FANUC CRX Series Prices and Compare with Other Cobots!

The Pros and Cons:

Let’s dive into what users really say about the Universal Robots UR Series and FANUC CRX-Series, breaking down their strengths and weaknesses to help you decide.

Universal Robots: The Easy-to-Use Innovator


  • Very Flexible: It’s a hit for being able to do lots of different tasks easily.
  • Lots of Tools: There’s a wide range of compatible accessories, making it super customizable.
  • Great Community: The strong support network helps you find answers and learn quickly.
  • Setup in No Time: Getting it up and running is fast and hassle-free, a highlight for many.


  • Limited Lifting: For really heavy lifting, it might not cut it, as some users have pointed out.
  • Adds Up in Price: While it offers value, buying extra gear for it can get expensive.

So, what’ll it be? If you need a cobot that can handle tough environments and complex tasks, FANUC’s your match. If ease of use and flexibility are top of your list, Universal Robots could be perfect for you. Keep these points in mind to choose the right cobot for your needs.

FANUC: The Heavy-Duty Choice


  • Easy for Beginners: Many find the CRX-Series user-friendly, making it less scary if you’re new to robots.
  • Strong and Durable: Users say it’s tough enough for heavy-duty jobs, lasting through tough conditions.
  • Safety First: Its built-in safety lets you work closely with it, a big plus for many.
  • Good Support: FANUC has beefed up its training and support, helping you get up to speed faster.


  • Costly: Some users mention it’s a bit pricey, so it’s an investment.
  • Limited Accessories: It doesn’t quite match the UR Series in terms of add-ons and extras.
  • Has a Learning Curve: Even though it’s user-friendly, mastering complex tasks takes some time.

Making the Choice: UR Series or CRX-Series

Deciding between the Universal Robots UR Series and FANUC CRX-Series? Here’s the bottom line. If your workspace needs a tough, reliable robot for hard tasks, the CRX-Series is built for that. But, if what you’re looking for is a robot that’s easy to set up and can quickly adapt to different jobs, the UR Series stands ready to impress. Think about what’s key for your work—durability or flexibility. Your perfect match depends on your specific needs. Choose wisely and boost your efficiency to the next level.


In conclusion, the choice between the FANUC CRX-Series and the Universal Robots UR Series boils down to what you need most. If it’s a strong, long-lasting robot for tough jobs, the CRX-Series is your go-to. If ease of use and the ability to switch tasks quickly matters more, then the UR Series is for you. Think about your main goals—are you looking for durability or flexibility? Your decision will directly impact how your production line evolves. With this comparison, you’re all set to pick the cobot that best fits your project, ready to boost your productivity.

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