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What is Robot Software?

Robot software is a set of coded commands, or in other words, instructions that direct a robot what tasks to perform. Therefore a robot software is essentially used to perform autonomous tasks.

Benefits of Robot Software:

Reduced downtime:

Robot software allows a user to program a complicated and complex task in a short amount of time. This is due to the easy-to-understand, in some cases, desktop style interfaces or icon (app) style graphical user interfaces.

Remote access:

Oftentimes, robot software can potentially be operated through remote access with networks connected to the robots. This would allow for users to monitor the robot's performance and also allows users to make necessary changes to its programming from a remote place.

Robot Software Applications:

As we can see from the products listed above, there is an array of applications that a robot software can undertake.

Some examples include bin picking software, remote access robot optimization and more.