ABB IRB 14000 YuMi Pricing & Product Details

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IRB 14000 YuMi Pricing

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IRB 14000 YuMi Overview

What is IRB 14000 YuMi?

An innovative, human-friendly, dual arm robot, the ABB’s IRB 14000 YUMI has breakthrough functionality designed to unlock vast global additional potential in industry. Designed for a new era of automation, for example, in small parts assembly, where people and robots work side-by-side on the same tasks. Safety is built into the functionality of the robot itself. YuMi removes the barriers to collaboration by making fencing and cages a thing of the past.

What applications is IRB 14000 YuMi product best for?

  • Best-in-class safety among all cobots on the market thanks to its low arm weight, low payload, rounded design with soft padding, and superior motion control collision detection​.
  • Highest safe working speed (1.5m/s TCP speed) among all cobots thanks to its inherent safety.
  • Compact package with two arms and integrated controller​.

What are the specifications of IRB 14000 YuMi?

Payload 0.5 kg
Reach 500 mm