IRB 14050 YuMi Pricing

€ 26.500,00 (Part handling / Assembly), € 34.500,00 (Vision inspection)

IRB 14050 YuMi Overview

What is IRB 14050 YuMi?

The ABB IRB 14050 YuMi is an advanced collaborative robot that stands out with its best-in-class safety features, ultimate flexibility, and approachable design. Unlike traditional industrial robots that require strict safety barriers, YuMi is engineered to work directly alongside humans, creating a safer and more efficient work environment. Its collaborative nature allows it to perform a wide range of tasks while ensuring the safety of nearby human operators.

One of the standout features of YuMi is its versatility. It is designed to handle various tasks, from handling small parts to conducting inspection operations. The robot's agility and flexibility make it an ideal solution for dynamic production environments where tasks may vary or change over time. Additionally, its lightweight construction enables easy portability and reprogramming, making it simple to adapt to changing production needs and workflows.

YuMi's compact and lightweight single-arm design is a key factor contributing to its flexibility and usability. The robot can be mounted in any direction, including ceiling, table, and wall mounting, allowing for rapid and flexible installation to seamlessly integrate into existing production lines. This adaptability makes it a cost-effective option for retrofitting automation solutions without requiring significant changes to the production setup.

The ultra-light magnesium arm of YuMi is a remarkable feature that sets it apart from traditional 6-axis robots. With seven axes of rotation, the robot can mimic human-like movements with even greater agility and precision. This capability is particularly advantageous in applications that demand intricate, delicate, or precise operations.

Beyond its physical capabilities, the IRB 14050 YuMi also boasts compatibility with specific software systems, enhancing its usability and integration into various industrial automation setups. Its ease of programming allows operators to quickly and efficiently set up new tasks or modify existing ones to optimize productivity and adapt to changing production requirements.

Moreover, the robot's construction and components are engineered to withstand and operate effectively in various conditions. It exhibits high tolerance for extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging environments. This feature expands the range of applications where YuMi can be utilized, including industries where temperature variations might be a concern.

What applications is IRB 14050 YuMi product best for?

The ABB IRB 14050 YuMi excels in applications that require flexible production needs for small parts assembly processes, making it ideal for industries such as consumer electronics, consumer goods, and small and medium enterprises. Its versatility, collaborative nature, and precision movements make it a perfect fit for handling intricate tasks and delivering efficient and reliable performance in these applications.

What are the specifications of IRB 14050 YuMi?

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