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CUT Pricing

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CUT Overview

What is CUT?

Delfoi CUT is a fast, user-friendly, parametric and feature based offline programming software. The software can effectively utilise the features of a 3D CAD model. The necessary tools can be created in the software’s internal tool library, where the geometrical information is generated automatically. It is possible to create programs quickly and without the need for trial and error, and regardless of the robot brand.

Proces features

  • Automated detection of CAD features
  • Automatic generation of toolpaths based on CAD features
  • Internal tool library and ability to create additional tools
  • Can be used in a wide range of applications, like in robotic deburring, finishing and in laser cutting and plasma cutting
  • Management of robot tool changes
  • Automated, unrestricted management of all external robot axes (e.g. gantry positioners, linear tracks and multi-axis positioning devices)
  • Easy and fast fine adjustment of all cutting trajectories and via points
  • Versatile calibration tools to ensure extreme accuracy for tool paths

Advanced features

  • Automated importing of CNC toolpaths from CAD/CAM programmes to simulation models
  • Support for file formats e.g. *.apt/aptsource, *.txt or other ASCII-coordinate formats

What are the specifications of CUT?

Software type
  • Offline programming
  • Simulation
  • Monitorring
  • Bin picking
  • Palletizing
  • Calibration
  • Developer tools
  • 2D Vision