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HM-40**/4A** Overview

What is HM-40**/4A**?

The HM Series have the longest arm reach and carry the greatest payload among 4-axis (SCARA) robots. The lineup offers a variety of models.

Total arm length|600 to 1,000mm
Vertical stroke(Z)
Maximum payload
Cycle time
|0.29 / 0.31 sec

Excellent speed performance

Thanks to its high-power AC servo motor and improved controllability, the standard cycle time is the highest level in its class. With a minimum location repeatability accuracy of ±0.02 mm, these products allow precision work and quick micromachining. Overwhelmingly high speed and accurate operation dramatically improves productivity.

High rigidity achieved due to originally designed Z axis

A rack-and-pinion mechanism and a gravity-balanced air cylinder are adopted for the vertical axis, demonstrating outstanding performance when heavy loads are conveyed.

Standard equipment includes: air piping for tools (4 lines) and electric wiring (24 core wires).

Maximum payload of 20 kg

Maximum payload can be selected from 10 kg or 20 kg, enabling conveyance of heavy loads.

A wide choice of options is offered.

The dust-proof, mist-proof type, which can be used under severe use conditions; the overhead-mounted type, which allows construction of space-saving facility environments; and the UL-listed configuration model, which meets the UL standards in the U.S., are offered.

  1. 1. Interference may not be detected depending on workpiece and hand type and operation status.
  2. 2. The UL-listed configuration model is floor-standing only.

What are the specifications of HM-40**/4A**?

Horizontal Reach 600 mm
Payload 10 kg
Repeatability ±0.01 mm

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