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LPH-040 Pricing

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LPH-040 Overview

What is LPH-040?

High-performance, low-priced, compact and light weight SCARA Robot!

Total arm length|400mm
Maximum payload
Position repeatability

EVP2 can be built into the controller

Easy Setting of Image Processing Operations without Programming
EVP2 is an image processing application specially developed for use with a “pick & place” robot.
This software offers enhanced functionality and several times greater processing power than the previous EVP application, while maintaining the same ease of operation.

Gripper Design with High Degree of Freedom

The maximum moment of inertia of the T-axis is large in order to provide a gripper design with a high degree of freedom.
* Also supports use in other configurations including in an overhanging position.

Reduction in Work Time without the Use of PLC

The robot and surrounding equipment can be controlled together according to the purpose through use of the high-performance controller RC8 function. This feature realizes a total cost down for equipment.

Enables Control from PLC with No Programming Knowledge Required

Utilizing the command-slave function provided as a free option enables the direct control of the robot from PLC through the Function Block (FB) feature that supports 130 types of robot commands that can be openly programmed from PLC.
This feature allows adjustments to be performed with only PLC knowledge without needing to create programs on the robot side, to realize a reduction in work time for initial adjustments at the start of use.

What are the specifications of LPH-040?

Horizontal Reach 400 mm
Payload 3 kg
Repeatability ±0.02 mm