Epson G10 SCARA Robots - 650mm Pricing & Product Details

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G10 SCARA Robots - 650mm Pricing

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G10 SCARA Robots - 650mm Overview

What is G10 SCARA Robots - 650mm?

High Payload and High Speed Peformance

High Rigidity Arm = Ultra High Speed

Tabletop, Ceiling and Wall Mount Models

ISO Clean & ESD Compliant Models

IP54 and IP65 Washdown/Dustproof Models

Also available in 850mm arm length

Epson G10 SCARA robots take advantage of Epson's new high rigidity arm design to now bring both high payloads AND high speed together in one package. Most robots available today that promise higher payloads do so with extremely reduced cycle times and poor duty cycles. The G10 SCARA robots were designed to pack on a heavy payload and then run at high speeds 24/7. G10 SCARA's are perfect for higher payload applications such as machine load/unload, palletizing, mechanical assembly, pick and place applications, food handling and hundreds of other applications. With applications running in demanding industries such as Automotive, Medical, Semi Conductor, Food, Pharmaceutical, Consumer, and many others, Epson G10 SCARA's deliver the high performance required for todays demanding applications.

G10 SCARA arms are available in 650 and 850mm lengths with either 180 (150 clean) or 420 (390 clean) Z-Axis lengths. They are also available in table top , wall or ceiling mount configurations. Clean/ESD, Washdown and Dustproof models are also available. That makes for a lot of choices to make sure you get the right robot for your next application.

G10 SCARA robots incorporate the new Max-E work envelope design. With Max-E, Epson G-Series SCARA robots are able to do jobs that previously required 50mm or more of additional reach. Smaller footprints are what make this happen and that translates to less factory space requirements and less overall factory costs.

What applications is G10 SCARA Robots - 650mm product best for?

Used for a Wide Variety of Applications and Industries

  • Automotive - Mirror/glass assembly, Head and tail light assembly and test, Transmission Assembly, Clutch Assembly, Fuel injector assembly, Dashboard assembly, Hood and trunk lock assembly
  • Consumer Products - Appliance assembly, Paint brush assembly, Electric Tooth brush assembly, Chainsaw Assembly, Speaker Manufacturing, Weed trimmer assembly, Connector Assembly
  • Industrial Products - Casting machine load/unload, Smoke detector assembly, Fiber optic connector assembly, Light bulb assembly, Hydraulic valve testing
  • Telecommunications - Cell phone assembly and test, Radio assembly and test
  • Pharmaceutical - Custom prescription filling, Tablet packaging, Protein crystal analysis
  • Solar - Panel assembly
  • Packaging - Meat Packaging, Box cutting and taping, Plastic component packaging, Pipette packaging, Produce packaging
  • Semiconductor - Assembly and test of custom chips, Wire bonding, Automated board testing, Aerospace electronic components assembly
  • Food - Meat handling, Vegetable picking & cutting, Produce packaging
  • Electronics - Inspection of PC boards, Automated cleaning of circuit board components

What are the specifications of G10 SCARA Robots - 650mm?

Horizontal Reach 650 mm
Repeatability +/-0.010-+/-0.025 mm
Payload 5-10 kg